Creating Courses & Groups

1. Navigate to the Courses & Groups Management Page

On your Instructor Home Page, click on the Create Course button in the STUDENTS column. This will take you to the Courses & Groups Management Page.


Courses & Groups Management Page

Courses & Groups Management Page


You can also access the Courses & Groups Management Page by clicking on the yellow Manage Courses & Groups button under the STUDENT MANAGEMENT heading.


Manage Courses & Groups button


You may see a pre-loaded sample course with your name and Ron Sample Student listed. Once you create your own course/s, you can delete this default course.

2. Create a New Course

To create a new course, type in a name at the top of the screen and click Add Course. You’ll see your new course appear below.

creating a course


3. Invite Students to Your Course

To invite students to your course, copy your Course Code (located below the name of your course) and send it to your students. They will need it when they sign up for their student accounts.

Course Code

Along with the Course Code, we recommend sending your students the Getting Started Link:   

Once your students sign up for their accounts, their names will appear automatically below the Course Name.

4. Adding Groups to a Course
  1. You can further organize your courses by adding Groups. To add a Group, click on the “Add Group” button below the Course Code.
  2. In the dialogue box, enter a name and click Add Group.
  3. You’ll see an empty group appear below the Add Group button. Drag and drop to put students into the new group.
  4. You can add more groups by repeating the process. Drag and Drop to finish organizing your students into groups.
  5. You can create as many Courses and Groups as you need.
    • We suggest you organize your Courses and Groups to match your physical teaching configuration.