Technology Requirements – For Students

To ensure Collabra works properly for you, IDENTIFY the device you’ll be using Collabra with and READ the technology requirements below for that device.

Collabra for Computers (laptop / desktop)

When accessing Collabra on a desktop or laptop, you MUST use the Google Chrome web browser. You can download the Google Chrome web browser for desktop by visiting the following link:

For help with the installation, visit Google’s help page.

Collabra for iOS 

The Collabra iOS app is available for iPhone 4 and up and iPad 2 and up running iOS version 7 or higherStudents can download the iOS app by visiting the following link:

Collabra for Android 

The Android app is available for Android devices running Android OS version 4.1 or higher. It is important to note that the Android app only allows audio recordings (not video recordings). Students can download the Android app by visiting the following link:

On newer Android devices running Android OS version 5.0 or higher, students CAN record audio and video footage by bypassing the app, and directly accessing the Collabra website.  Students do this by signing into their student account at  ( via the Google Chrome for Android mobile browser.*

*NOTE: We suggest that students try recording a quick practice to ensure that everything works properly on their device.