Summary (Too long; didn’t read)

1)    Collabra was accepted and is attending a top 10 start-up accelerator (A boot camp for start-ups).  This has provided us with some additional resources and other great things!

2)    We hired a full time android developer who is working on getting the android app to parity with our iOS app.

3)    iOS upload fixes/workaround.  If you stay on the practice tab within the iOS app the app will stay open and will continue uploading.  (Be mindful of battery usage!)

4)    There have been some big fixes to the desktop app as well as feature adds:

–       Fixed huge slowdown that would occur when multiple uploads were waiting.

–       Dramatically sped up the app and significantly reduced resource usage.

–       Added ability to choose where recordings are temporarily stored while awaiting uploading.

–       Released a windows installer.


If you would like to get the new update please follow these steps:


5)    Goodbye video aliasing/artifcating/lizard people.  Finally!  The video recording solution we’ve developed is now out of beta and a permanent fix. Everyone should be on it now.  No longer should you see weird ghosting of images when recording.

6)    Autorecovery/save feature work.  We’re about half way through building an auto save/recovery feature.  Specifically, we’re working on something to allow you to recover videos that were lost due to browser closes, videos taking too long to process, etc…

7)    We’re beta testing an interactive walkthrough system that will be launched soon!  Ever wish you could re-live your Collabra walk through?  Well now you can!   Wait… why are you laughing?


Non Summary Update

Halloween is around the corner and there has been so much practice on Collabra it’s a bit scary!  In one month, you’ve recorded almost 6 months of practice time!  Ok that’s not scary at all, in fact it’s awesome, but I really wanted to include something Halloween related and couldn’t think of anything better. 


I’ll go ahead and move on to the updates since we’ve got some great ones and that’s why you’re here anyway.


General Collabra Update

Collabra was invited and is now attending one of the top 10 start-up/business accelerators in the country, Capital Innovators out of St. Louis.  This intense 12-week program is essentially a boot camp for promising tech companies and allows us to focus on scaling, improving technology, and enhancing our future funding opportunities. 


In the more immediate term attending this program has provided us with some additional resources that should allow us to finally start moving on some long planned feature roll outs and fixes!  Speaking off…


Android Feature Additions

We have hired a full time android developer to help us bring the android app to parity with our iOS app.  Features that are being worked on are:


         ⁃        Fixes to how the app currently records and uploads

         ⁃        Video playback within the native app

         ⁃        Recording of video and uploading to Collabra

         ⁃        Comments for lessons and practices

         ⁃        Installing our customer support service widget


And more…


iPhone/iPad Uploading Fix

We have recently launched a feature that will help with practice uploads stalling on iOS devices.  After practicing, if you remain on the “practices” tab, the app will stay open and will remain uploading.  You may want keep your phone plugged in when using this as your screen will remain on as long as you’re on this tab.


Desktop App Upload Fix and Feature Add

We have fixed the slowdowns related to the desktop app once multiple videos have been recorded and were awaiting upload.  This fix also has dramatically reduced the amount of resources used by the desktop app since it was all related to a really inefficient system in the backend of the app.


You can also now select where desktop app videos are temporarily stored while awaiting them to upload.  If you have one drive low on memory you can select another location and continue recording. 


Finally, we’ve also created a signed and secure installer of the app for Windows users.  Our PC friends will now be able to easily install the desktop app without manual help from the Collabra team.   


If you would like to install the update, which we recommend, please wait until all current videos are uploaded and then go to to download it.  If you need help getting your current uploads off your computer and to the site so you can update the app, please contact me!



Fixed video issues when recording via the website

We have finally tracked down issues relating to weird visual artifacts seen when recording video through the website.  Everyone should be on the updated system now.  If you’re still seeing issues with this, please let me know! 


There is still an occasional issue when processing videos but we’re developing a short-term workaround in the interim while we develop a more sustainable long-term solution.


Future Release Items


Autorecovery/Autosave Feature (1/2 way there!)

We’re about half way through the build of an autorecovery/auto save system.  If videos take too long to process or the browser is accidently closed before saving you will be able to view these lost videos and decide to save or delete them.  I’ll keep you all updated once this gets closer to launch. 


Interactive walkthroughs

We’re testing a new system internally that will interactively walk you through any activity you could imagine on Collabra.  Want to know how to submit an assessment?  Forgot how to add a bookmark?  This tool will walk you through the exact steps in a similar manner to our previous walkthrough R.O.N (Radical Orientation Nerd) system.


I can’t wait to see what you all think about this!



That’s it for now

As always please let me or our team know if there is anything we can assist with!  We’re always here to help!